Social Marketing

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is one of the world’s most frequently visited websites, and can expose your brand to a potential audience of millions. We can increase the visibility of your brand on the social networking platform, and offer you a number of unique ways to connect with your audience. 

Why should my business advertise on Facebook?

Facebook opens up a whole new realm of advertising opportunities, and allows you to connect with people who may not respond to traditional forms of advertising, like radio, television and print. You will be able to attract a new customer base and promote your goods and services more effectively than ever before.

Why Should I Use Gigas Media?

We can increase your visibility on Facebook and create content that will entertain and inform your current customer base, as well as attracting new customers. We determine which adverts will be the most successful based on a number of different criteria and use imaginative and unique content so that more people can connect with your brand and know exactly what your business is all about. 

Reach Your Chosen Demographic

We can help you reach the people who are most valuable to your business, whether that is men who list fishing as one of their hobbies on their profile page, or fans of Lady Gaga. 
Facebook Ads

Promote an event, industry function or app with Facebook Ads or encourage your customers to like your profile page. We can create an effective ad campaign that will generate results – fast.

Facebook Lead Generation

If you need more leads, we can create a Facebook campaign to suit your business goals, generating more leads than ever before.