Paid Search (PPC)

Gigas Media utilize a number of PPC methods to create an effective and successful marketing campaign. Our portfolio of previous clients prove that we deliver fast results and provide a bespoke package and excellent customer service. We use intelligence to make your brand stand out from your competitors, give you a bigger share of the market, and create a service based on your individual preferences.

Keyword Generation

Our database of around 1 billion different keywords allows us to identify words and phrases that work, helping to improve search engine optimization.


We will determine how your marketing campaign should be targeted and to whom.


We test a number of ad copy variations in order to ascertain which advert will be the most successful and generate the greatest click-through rate.

Campaign Expansion

We understand that keyword generation is ever-evolving, and search queries adapt over time to reflect trends and the tastes of the general public.


We can influence bids at keyword level through filters and rules with a complex optimisation system.