Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is changing fast. There are new mobile channels and platforms being launched on a daily basis, and mobile marketing is becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to reach a large audience of people quickly. Long gone are the days when you had to wait until the next day’s newspaper to advertise your services and see the name of your business in print. With mobile marketing, everything is instant.

Gigas Media can create a mobile marketing campaign that could reach thousands of people within seconds. The amount of people who use a mobile device is increasing and this has been well documented. But the amount of time people spend on their mobiles every day can also prove to be a valuable marketing opportunity. From lunch breaks at work to sitting in traffic on the way home, people are using mobiles throughout the day and carry their device with them almost everywhere.

We can tailor a mobile marketing campaign that takes advantage of when people are using their mobiles during “peak times” – the busiest times of the day when people use their smartphone or mobile tablet.

Why You Should Choose Gigas Media

We stay ahead of the curve and are realize the impact and potential an effective mobile marketing campaign can bring to a business, regardless of its size. Our clients have reached a wider audience than ever before when they have enlisted our services. We understand that mobile is a platform with so many possibilities when it comes to searching for information, communicating with others and receiving and responding to advertising.

Mobile Marketing With Gigas Media

Gigas Media began by launching a number of successful advertising campaigns on the mobile platform. Our research shows that people receive mobile advertising through three different criteria. They can receive adverts based on their location, adverts which target the type of mobile platform they are using, for example an iPhone or iPad, and finally, advertising based on their mobile carrier, for example O2 or Orange. We employ a number of display adverts in order to support mobile phone searches as this can improve the visibility of a brand, and increase the number of sign-ups, leads, conversions and sales for our clients.

Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC is similar to desktop PPC and is a process whereby adverts and sponsored results are managed in the most effective way, for example in the search result pages of mobile devices. Mobile advertising is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools for any business in order to communicate with their customers and increase the visibility of their brand and services. Each advertisement on a mobile device will feature a headline, a description of the promotion or product on offer, and contact details so the individual can take action and contact the company, either in the form of a telephone number or website link.

For a mobile campaign to be effective, there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, mobile adverts have to be displayed on a smaller screen with limited space for information. To get the message across in as few words as possible, and in the most interesting and eye-catching way, copy-writing skills, optimization, and key words and phrases will need to be used to attract as many individuals as possible.


Let your customers reach you quicker with Pay-per-Call. You can embed a phone number into the body of your website or mobile advertisement, reducing the time it takes for a customer to find your contact details. This number can be tracked back to the source of the click.

Mobile Leadgen

Gigas Media also have a number of mobile solutions for your business if you need to generate an online registration system, encourage more offline users to engage with your company online, or build up a database of email address. Lead generation can attract a new customer base, and is a cost-effective way to expand your marketing, especially as you only pay for each lead that we manage to deliver. If you have a short-term campaign in mind, perhaps for Christmas or the New Year, or rather something more long-term, we can devise a marketing strategy tailored to the particular needs and requirements of your business.