Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to get a message across, attract a new customer base, and turn leads into conversions and increased levels of sales. More..

Paid Search (PPC)

Our Paid Search, or Pay Per Click, campaigns are based on years of research. We know how to build winning campaigns, and will create an effective campaign for your business. More..

Social Marketing

We continuously monitor social trends, and tailor our service based on what’s popular at any given time, helping us to create a marketing strategy for your brand that will work. More..

Performance Marketing Behemoths

Gigas Media is a performance marketing agency with enthusiastic staff and years of experience in the field. We’re honest and committed to providing you with an excellent service.

Our clients trust us and know they get better results with Gigas Media. We offer low-risk marketing with proven results, and can provide you with a winning formula of high quality leads and sales volume.

As we live and breathe all aspects of performance marketing, let us deliver superior results. Choose your lead generation solution with us and let us create a marketing campaign that will increase the visibility of your brand and business. More..

Our Location

Chiang Mai

The Stunning City of Chiang Mai, Thailand.